Woop - Solo Dolo Lonely lyrics

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I been gettin' it, I been gettin' it on my own

When I do business, I do business on my own

Ain't no room for no fake friends, I'm on my own

Cuz You aint gotta watch ya back when you alone

That's why I'm lonely...

Solo Dolo Lonely Solo Dolo Lonely

Lately I been slidin' Solo Dolo Lonely

Solo Dolo Lonely Solo Dolo Lonely

Solo Dolo Lonely Solo Dolo Lonely


I noticed it, they watchin' me, they eyein' me

I kill 'em four way auto word is silence(?!)

I know the real, I peep the phoney, I smell the fake

I recognize, I know this dim, them haters trust

They say don't trust niggas who mug, I say they dup you up

They say life's a bitch, but bitches like to fuck

So it's a fucked up world that we livin' in

Rocks in the door, around the middleman

Runnin' with the bands like a ginger bread

Red dirty dirty how ya got it made?

So watch out fo' 'em fake types

And watch out fo' 'em love types

Solo Dolo, world should make the right decision

Cuz I will neva cross sides like 20-20 Vision


(Verse 2)

Ridin' Solo Dolo lonely

Need my swisha, I be in 'em new blue hunnids

I'm a motion picture, kodak

Me is who I love!

I'm the main reason I smoke and talk to god (no stress)

I confess, me is who I lied for

Nine life keen if it come to me

No company ain't good company

I tell all my friends they probly betta than me

Faded to the end, I ain't scared of defeat

Even watch yo kin on yo family tree

Yo own fam will kill ya behind jealousy


Thanks to @Therealwoop for correcting these lyrics

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