Woop - Faneto (Remix)

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West Orlando, we got issues

They keep finding bodies in the river

I'm the real pussy nigga killer

I won't hesitate to kill one of you pussies

I put that on the Bible

Matter fact ,nigga, I put that on my rifle

Pussy nigga, I will never stand beside you

Pussy nigga, I tie you up and hide you

Pussy nigga, they won’t know where to find you

Pussy nigga, we don’t do Instagram findings

We just pull up and let it ring the sirens

Hit them where it hurts

4000 on my shoes

I’m not for mercy

These niggaz preachin’ like a servant

Where I’m from my niggaz beat it like I turn them

Where I’m from

West Orlando, we got issues

Where I’m from looks like pussies are packing pistols

Pull up Faneto, finish and get flushed

Where I’m from

They play it dirty like a slut

Where I’m from

Lookin’ for these niggaz

I’m on gold

700 we gonna put them on the floor

Let it spray to Faneto

Lay your nigga

You’re gonna be in tuxedo

Wanna see me?

Lay that thing, faneto

I won’t spend no cash on these hoes

In a fucking group

Better pull up in the zoo, nigga

Better pull up in the zoo, nigga

Better pull up in the zoo, nigga

Who, nigga?

I’m from __________, nigga

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