Woop - 4U lyrics

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(Hook x2)

Is she rock it?

Is she shake it?

Is she loose up?

I guess she 'er crank it

(Interlude x3)

Baby girl, what you do to me

(I made it one fo' you)


See, that count. I made it clap 4U

And if ya do, I spin that check on U

It ain't no rules, cause you keep breakin' all the rules

And that mean more, why you do it, that shit cute

If I could, I'm gon' spit 'er, like a can opener

She know I miss the pop like a canned soda

She know I run shit, and fuck niggas, get ranned ova

And it is me and all my killaz who.

Can't step awayz my soldier

They killin' me, without my nigga x2

Rush it and wiggle it, and I ain't trippin'

Go, man, I keep flickin' it

Is she gon' get it x2

If you ain hit it x2

You fuck niggas need to forget it

She say you killin' shit, yeah, nigga wit a baby face

I say you straight fucked, I hit a girl wit a poker face

Hey, girl, you hot as fuck, I call you microwave

If you thought that for me, I show you betta days

Hold on, magic sittin', cute ass, cletios,

King of diamonds. Rolex, even the outfit

Cut dream, man, I used to test, I made it one fo' you

(Interlude x3)

Baby girl, what you do to me

(I made it one fo' you)

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