Woodie - Yoc Influenced

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(feat. Lil' Los)


I sling my nuts over my shoulder [shoulder]

Discharge like a soldier

Enemies fall to their back from the impact

Of a tre five seven revolver

W double O-D-I-E it's me

I be that one and only

Soldier from the Yoc producer

To breakin' off freebies to the homies

But still hated

In many different ways

I've seen shady days

Homies switchin' up

Who I never thought were bitch enough

Got me amazed

I blame it on the crack bag

The gobble go the town snap

The so called homies backstabbin' each other

Damn what happened

It got me laughin'

I ain't trippin' Norte sidin'

Sky Lark dippin'

High performance line


I tap that gas from dippin'

'69 if you find

That white Lark with cherry wine tide

Sidin' through the Yoc

It's a norteño type of the line style

[Chorus x2: Woodie]

I'm riskin' 25 to life with the ride

You ask me why I do this

And I respond with a mind half gone

For the fact I'm Yoc influenced

I'm riskin' 25 to life with the ride

You ask why I pursue this

And I respond with a mind half gone

For the fact I'm Yoc influenced


My homies still gotta be deceased

And come back 5 times before he's released

At age 18

So I thought the streets done said

About these punk police

Convicted of 5 counts of murder

All premeditated

Wasn't gang enhancers

Damn this shit kept me understated

And unlike you phony homies

Status Snoop I never [?]

Steady he stay ya'll like a soldier

Pushin' steel ain't gettin' tallied

Addin' stripes for my homie

May the Lord see his loyalty

And [?] look his sister

When he dies

And let him live in royalty

That Y-O-C, L-I-F-E

Got my gang livin' violently

For homies stabbin' the [?] with me

Got me amongst the dying breed

If it was up to the Yoc, beats me

All said locked up in a prison cage

And tear drops from my eye

Every time my homie's on the front page

The media's bringin' plenty of feedback

Makin' us look like mobsters

Label it S. West 20th street

Fuck it

Yeah we West Twompsters

We the ones that skip the talk

Gotta get the cock and hammers

If they mess with the clip of hollow tips

Cuz you punks don't have no manners

Watch your standards

Think of the rankings earned

By how much more you've lost

Better count that as a loss

When I creep in

Dirty cactus split yo knot

[Chorus x2.5]

[Lil' Los]

Yoc influenced

I'd never know I'd grow up to do this

Pursue this life of struggle and strife

And hunt when I sooth this pain in my brain

When I sprinkle hot grain

Remain, tame my pistol smoke

Toke yo folks in vain insane, no

It's killa Cali mentality

East Co. Co. 5-1-0

The place ya never heard of

Yes suburbia with murderers go

Where the be servin' the most of


On triple beams

So feeling they'll be dreams

And this Antioch scene gots me trippin'

They got me slappin' clips in

I'm plottin' out some victims

And wishin' and hopin'

While I'm scuffling with my semi-auto

Hollow tips rip shit

With visions of some sick shit

But in meanwhile no smiles

Cuz these hater's shady styles

Got me loadin' magazines

For apposing tears I got for miles

And these rat infested trials

Set it up to leave Snoop, fuck

But it ain't over

Smokin' dosia

Plottin' on his come up [echoes out]

[Chorus x3]

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