Woodie - Whatever Tho'

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[Chorus: Woodie]

I might of shot your homies

Once or twice you never know

But I still walk the streets

So I assumed they let it go

But just in case they didn't

I pack metal for clever folks

So all that talk in breakin' Woodie off

Whatever tho'


I'm still puttin' it down

Sidin' through the town Yoc bound

Suckas wanna talk down

But ain't prepared to cock down

They wanna bang like killas

But don't bang with no killas

They wanna claim they killas

But don't hang with no killas

This is Antioch, the A-N-T-I-O-C-H

And I'm the one who brought the Yoc

Up out the Golden State

You wanna hate this

Hate yourself

Think your from the Yoc

Talkin' down on my name

Cuz I ain't askin' you to jock

Just recognize

From two professional years of rappin'

East Co. Co. Records puttin' this crap

Back in time on the map

And then some

We takin' nationwide infected

Each and every nook and cranny

Were that Yoc life bakins'

And I reckon

We'll be collectin' dividends along the way

And that's exactly were this haterism comes into play

What's there to say

Nothin' but hot ones

I got for those talkin' down on me

[Chorus x2]


Come on haters try to stop this

Dig deep into your pockets

Cuz that'll give me a legit reason

To make yo knot twist, not this

Northern fella Antioch dwella

Won't fall hostage

To the thoughts and plots of the jealous

Your gonna watch this

Independent label succeed

Were re-precautions 10-4 for

Every homey that bleeds

We'll plant our seeds in some mattress

And watch our killas grow

Teach ‘em everything we know

So that they gonna run the show

I'm talkin' fathers and sons

Uncles and nephews packin' guns

Holdin' down the fort

Prepared for war

Protectin' loved one

No more snatchin' up our dreams

Through the dope on triple beams

Or an enemy shot

Cuz that's the power money brings

We're the kings of our own plot

We found a spot

Don't make room

If you think we're bluffin'

I assume you have a skank too

So if you wanna get me

Come and get me

Quit talkin'

And send the messages through bitches

Cuz that shit'll leave you chopped up

[Chorus x2]


You wanna talk behind my back

And jar jack amongst female company

And every word up out your mouth

Eventually gon' come to me

How dumb could you be

Maybe you really wanna see me

But most likely you a sucka

And you hatin' you can't be me

Probably got that A-D-D

Attention Deficit Disorder

And you've notice when you say my name

That people won't ignore ya

That's pathetic

Just another sorry chump in the game

Go ahead keep bumpin' my name

Cuz your just pumpin' my fame

But when we cross paths

Haul that

So people prepare to ache

Cuz I'm a draw fast

Cock blast

With heat to tear your brain

Cuz I've HAD IT UP TO HERE [echoes]

Through your history

I got my stripes

Sucka you ain't pumpin' fears

So come here and get a dose of

This Antioch West Twompsta

The demon in me wants to

Go back to a mobsta

And put this music shit on stand by

To make a man die

How do I cope with this

I focus on the grand prize

[Chorus x2]

Nothin' but hot ones I got for those talkin' down on me


Shit! [echoes out]

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