Woodie - Tales Of A Killa

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Listen to the tales of this Northern Cali killer

Take it for what it's worth but recognize a blood spiller

So far I've been lucky but enemies might take me

Take chances again if they under estimate me


Say your Prayers count your blessings

Grab your weapon grip it tight

Cause tonight I sport my put in work sweatshirt right

But you won't catch me barking duels in a lark tonight

Creep up on foot and down the street I got a stolen bike

Thats my getaway but first I go to sit and wait

Lurking in the shadows on mission to do my hit and shake

Patience always pays so I'm stiffer than a statue

By no means I won't fuck this up this suckers life is past due

I know he's home the TVs on I see a shadow through the blinds

Walking towards the front door

Yeah I think its about that time

Sure enough door opens wide

Now he's stepping outside

Barrel flashes from the bushes all he seen before he died

Bent a corner run down the block hop on the BMX

Meanwhile his bitch is in shock hugging his bleeding chest

Pedal to my safe spot

Get the fireplace hot

Burn up my clothing scrub my body

Gunpowder trace gone

On the way home I disassembled and disbursed

Of my weapon in the gutters from 10th street to 1st

So I'm feeling pretty confident my mission was successful

Kick up my feet crack and Old E and drink a chest full

[Chorus x2]

Listen to the tales of this northern cali killer

Take it for what its worth but recognize a blood spiller

So far I've been lucky but enemies might take me

Take chances again if they under estimate me


Why they want to test me stress me to the point I'm homicidal

Don't they recognize death is nothing new in my eyes

When it comes to defending my title


Another sloppy late night in the drive thru waiting for our food

Me and 2 homies and a bitch drinking 40's an Boones

Out at 2 One ounce left so I'm burning holes in my head

I turn around fools are looking at me like they want me dead

Words were said without a doubt I'm knowing that the funks jumping

They must be packing fuck that I'll be the first to dump something

Told my homie drive and pull the car to the side of the road

They pulled up said a word or two until I proceeded to unload

Bullets lighting up the backseat windows are shattering

Since I'm thinking that they pack heat I'm skipping the chattering

I emptied the clip

Not sure how many were hit

I told my homie drive and lets split he started to trip

He just stopped froze

Like he was comatose

I said its not the time to break down like a ho lets go

He finally put the pedal to the metal but that tripped me out

I told him drive a half a mile pull over and let me out

Shake the spot and take the under routes park up in the cuts

Now this motherfucker starts driving in circles going nuts

Scramblin' on the belt

"I think you blew his brains out"

Sucka that's another reason we should vanish not hang out

I told him yo bitch got more nuts than you

Saw red and blue behind us

Thanks to my homie's dumb bitch it wasn't to hard to find us

And then he proceeds to take them on a slow speed chase

Twenty Five I'm going to face the DA's got a clean case

With about seven different patrol cars in pursuit

He pulls over and Five 0 draws their weapons ready to shoot

Over the bullhorn I can hear them say

"Come out with your hands raised"

I did exactly that but then I broke and made them give chase

Striking through a field I hit a barbwire fence

I hopped it like a champion only got a rip in my pants

Then I advanced up on a bike trail

Slowly losing 50's tail

Noticed water to the left threw my strap in the canal

Half the evidence gone apartment complex straight ahead

I'm more than halfway to home I'm only giving up dead

I gotta stop to take a breath in the apartments and I listen

I can hear the ghetto bird but it ain't knowing my position

Continuing on my mission

I'm hopping yard to yard

Crawling bush to bush

Hiding underneath car to car

And now three hours later and about 2 miles down the road

I'm in front of my homies house my hearts about to explode

Knocked on the door at 4am

He wasn't one bit suprised

I heard you on the scanner

And I knew you'd arrive

You say you're a gangster and don't feel that?

You're faking it

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x4]


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