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You're walking through the night

Still can't near in light

And I'm following behind

You're playing games of sin

None that fools can win

And I'm following behind

(3x) Following you...

Do lovers understand your ply?

You command and they'll obey

And I'm watching from behind

One step forward, two steps back

I'm still following your track

And I'm watching from behind

(3x) Following you...

Waiting here beside you

Waiting for your call

Watching liars passing by

Uh, I hate them all

Don't you realize

That I'm the only one

Who's good for you?

You're so heartlessly sincere

But I'm still following you endlessly

I'm following behind

You ain't whore, you ain't nun

On the hunt and on the run

And I'm watching from behind

Always cheating, telling lies

Behind your door I heard you sigh:

"Oh prudence, come and rescue me!"


"Prudence come and rescue me!"

Following you...

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