WIZ KHALIFA - Won\'t Land

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Yeahh<br />

Damn<br />

Hold on turn me up a little bit more<br />

Yeahh bitch<br />

Always wanted to do this shit<br />

This is it what<br />

Leutenant (in front of?)<br />

Ugh ugh ugh nigga yeah<br />

Fresh up off the plane<br />

Real niggas embrace my music<br />

And bitches go insane<br />

Even the kids growing up the gang?<br />

They don't bother pronouncing my name<br />

They just look at my chain<br />

Boy how much you spent on it?<br />

This ain't nothing but hard work<br />

And what you can get from it<br />

Ain't no toilet paper<br />

But this smell like the shit don't it?<br />

Smoking chronic and drinking pints<br />

Till we get sick stomachs<br />

And them suckers ain't gotta like it<br />

Cause your bitch love it<br />

I'm a roll it she gon light it, <br />

She tell me she in desperate need of a pilot<br />

I told her kick her feet up<br />

We gon go to the crib<br />

Soon as I roll this weed up<br />

Call some friends of yours and we gon all have a smoke out<br />

You ain't gotta hold it too long<br />

This is rapper weed<br />

Couple hits is all you go need

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