rate me

I be rollin


Flow so fly I be so so high

She say I'm that guy u wanna ride with

Like my car get inside it

U excited

I don't blame u

Everywhere I go all them hoes act the same too

I don't wanna date u

I just wanna take u home n do somethin grown folks can relate too

Bitch I'm a play u

I would hate to

But if u stay cool we should be straight boo

Bitch I'm a straight fool

No I can't lie

Don't let a day go bye where I ain't high

Pump your brake lights lemme slow it down

Know who I is n how is bout to go down

U wanna roll now

We'll just ride out

Right now I'll show u what I'm bout

Tryna front when u see me in the club bitch u no who I am

Gettin weeded with a pocket full of dubs I bet u no who I am

They be runnin up n showin all this love cause they know who I am

Didn't notice it but now your goin nuts cause u no who I am

I be cakin

Makin all of this money

Look honey I ain't fakin

See that your takin

That's cool with me

Cause u n your boyfriend ain't got shit to do with me


Real talk

I pimp hard she tell them to get lost

Bottles of patron good green in my cigar

See u in your girl watchin me n my niggas

Now that your with us

If not wiz don't fuck a rap star

I just get it how I live

This ain't the first time that u heard about wiz

So ma why I feelin me just front n act like it is

U ain't the type of juice better then one poundin

Just lettin me come round now she a buss down

Feelin my convo

Then mami let's ride out

Right now I'll show u what I'm bout

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