WIZ KHALIFA - Whip It Around

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Is that air is that drop

Is that .. outside the pot

Is that whip it whip it whip it

Whip it whip it watch it …

Is that loud? Is that stupid loud?

I can’t hear a sound

I am in the club

You can’t see me

I ain’t never coming down

Is my swags out the frame

In my own lame

Had a bad bitch she’s off the chain

And my hustle pay stupid

You all know how I do it

Keeping shit one hundred

No stocking in my music

They say I am back foolish

I can show you how I do this

I am fly by the haters

I took them ….

My flow is optimistic

I pay for my own pictures

They say they don’t believe it

I say go ask ….

Whip it whip it around (repeats)

I am counting paper rolling paper

Watching time fly

California breaks I am …

Me I am sky high

My bitch down on earth

Money in the bank

.. roller in her purse

And I ain’t …in the job ..

Show love and the diamonds of my neck

Make these whores trust

On the role .. model whores

.. good nigger whit friends

I ain’t got to talk much give me brains

Cause she said she has expensive tastes

Let her rob my tattoos…

Whip it whip it around (repeats)

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