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Don't leave, cause your my oxygen without you I won't breathe

Your everything I want, need, for you I wear my heart on a short sleeve

I know some things need changing, that takes time I need more, please

Say I ain't do everything I coulda done, like the shit that I did ain't good enough?

Your friends said they been woulda left, ain't do you right so you head to the left

I can't say that I blame you, I never though that it would be this painful

People do it everyday I can change too

But dealin with the heartbreaks what she can't do

True, and that's as real get, what you feel ain't easy to deal with

Don't go

How to live my life without you I just don't know

But you feelin this relationship, it's not that it can't it just won't grow

I say I love you you say it don't show

Fuck the money and them gifts don't count

What about them smaller things you needed

And why the fuck you had to leave before I seen it

Damn, I need your love like a weed stick

Me without you like kathy no regis

I kept secrets, and could'ntapologize enough times for messin with that freak bitch

But I can still tell that your leavin, and like I said I can't blame you the least bit

The cryin shame is, and times changin

Best friends become strangers, that's how it is

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