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feat. Curren$y

Year-round we them niggas

You seasonal, temporary living

Your run'll be done in a minute

You are not infinite

Bitches can tell the difference, they know better than to smoke with ya

Back up a lil bit, you'll get the whole picture

So much sicker than them niggas, I'm coughing they just got hiccups

KC lights, roll bars on my Chevy pickup

Off-road style, lift kit, heavy duty springs

Stomper tires get it done when the time is crunch like sit-ups

To the challenge I rise, Lamborghini doors

'85 Countach never seen a real road

From the showroom floor to my seven car garage

Got a storage 'cross town with like seven more rides

Tucked inside - that Grand Theft Auto life

Rolling up in my safe house I'm looking down

Done it by my design, refusing to comprimise

Mestizo eyes, mestizo eyes

They saying shit changed 'casue shit changed

Not just the horses in my motor, but the cost for me to show up

I'm a boss, and my whole team fly private

Black cars when we roll up, quarter pounds when we blow up

Hit the ground running

My watch new cause a nigga sound bumping

And ya girlfriend leaving you cause she just wanna be around something

Like playing Xbox and wearing weed socks, speeding round stunting

Orderin thousand dollar room service, rolling weed up by the onion

Ooo I got it made, but I ain't make it on my own

Who would've thought a Pittsburgh nigga would go and buy an LA home

Rolling up papers, turning down favors

All these fake kushes, I got my own flavor

Homie that ain’t KK in that brand new bag

Got it made to make that brand new crib

Need a whip to match that brand new car

Thinking maybe Maybach brand new insides

Everything black, young ass nigga blowing OG in the back

Last time you heard from me, I was rolling bud up

Looking dope in my brand new clothes

Eyes closed like someone told em to shut up

Mestizo eyes, mestizo eyes.

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