WIZ KHALIFA - Timebomb Freestyle

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Yes, sir!

Is the boy Wiz Khalifa, man!

I’m down here… so come hallow at me,

I came to kick it with my man, DJ… you understand?

The whole town…

Shut up, stay bye,

You know me!

The hottest around,

Do this! Yes!

I would tape that will light the talk as if it’s all now…

I ain’t about the …this bitch made ain’t the type of this …

You want me to switch blade like the knife I’m sharp,

God damn, man!

I mixed steps to…

Yes, I was blessed to outlast you,

My… so yes, I’m at the castle!

Put up big numbers, I’m not a little nigger,

You do it way big, I’m just a little bigger!

And I move with the unit, I move …

Just stupid, you’re losing bitch!

Hey! And I ain’t here to entertain you, fools

I’m here to snatch my… give you lames, the news!

You all stay and impose… I’m on my JOB

Writing gems and flaws.

..with a bird, no cameras, no

Long gone, I’m on the …lurking in the…

And it’s for certain I’m a Channel,

Because I’m perfect with the rhyme,

And I’m hurting niggers, hey!

When the boss in the place gets paused in his way,

Cause sees his skinny niggers

But its lodge and his cape!...

It could be the car or your face, bitch!

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Thanks to madailui

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