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(Intro: Bat For Lashes - Moon and Moon)

When this wild world

Is a big bad hand

Pushing on my back

Do you understand?

When I get home

Down in the jungle

Where's my bear to lick me clean?

Feed my soul milk and honey


Let me tell about these taylors

Niggas that I rap for

We get it on our own

Really niggas in the struggle

You're not alone

We ain't have any major label backin

Just bein my niggas and make sure we was rockin'

The biggest score I get the biggest check

Ask around we the last real niggas left

And there ain't nobody like us

Knew that we was on but the city didn't like us

Fuck your role made our own path

Grew up low class

I dont go to class

Front on the gang

And it won't last

You dont get no past

Ain't no going back


You don't have a clue

Just like I wouldn't have any idea what it would feel like wit you

(Verse 2)

When you work hard for everything you got, they can't come take it

When you go back on ___(?) you keep the word, you can't unbreak it

When we was in that spinner van you couldn't see us balling

Perfect record now my team is flawless

Victory nigga promise I go hard till you sick of me

For my squad I give all of my energy

Making hard not to remember me

Want it all, not just a lil piece

We really started from nothin'

No hands outs, dawg, we really got it from nothing

You niggas got it from stunting

Got it from fronting

Light up a jam, I'mma roll up an onion

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