WIZ KHALIFA - The Grinder

rate me

Uh, rolling up the grass, living badder than them niggers

That I used to look up to.

..show you what I come up

Yeah, I came up from the ghetto to a condo in Hollywood

Where the weather is good and the parties always popping up

Somebody dropping up some trees

I mean I got enough to go around everything for the things that you ain't got

Smoke with me and my homies... to get this paper

I swear ain't nobody doing me no favors!

Twisting up the medicine, shitting on my competition

Easy parts forgetting, but the hardest parts to try forgiving

Niggers for mistaking me, or thinking as the one..

Thought cause I was young that I'll be dumb

Nigger, what you're made... photographic memorie,

now I got my wife, she got a photographic figure

And my autograph is bigger to your knees and...

..otherwise not to mention your niggers.

...the game with us.

I see... cameras, paparazzi taking pictures,

I spoke up with.. that's the myth you wanna take with us

..ain't nobody naked nigger!

Tried to book a flight to Vegas, tried to take 'em with us!

You niggers ... I'm thinking bigger!

Critics call ..I'm smoking weed and drinking liquor!

Ohio was nominated, but not the winner.

But you should start counting, I brought my... this year!

Yeah nigger, I'm up in the air, nigger

And the shit that I got... and some money to wear, nigger

..I ain't even a player, nigger!

Four hours up, niggers ain't...

Get dark for you, should I ...

Blowing hell of the day I ...

The weed is in the joint, the grinder is over there.

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