rate me

Niggas always ask me why I get

I tell 'em mind they fuckin' buisness

I'm tryna' find a couple Swishers

I think I bought a box and don't remember

They watchin' this boy

You see that smoke comin' out my windows?

I keeps Urkle like the Winslows

You smell purple when the wind blows

Don't know how I wake up sober

I got to sleep

Can't even keep my eyes open

'Member first time I tried smoking, Wiz

Damn near thought I'z gone die chokin'

Smoke Kush, so that's probably why I look

Eye's gettin' red, mouth all dry

My memory, yo

Took a trip out to Cali

And man I've never been

Before or even after dat

Me and my niggas roll 'em back to back

Until we get


On the road roll thirty blunts before a show

They like how do you perform

I say this is what I duz

You could say yeah, I love mah drugs

Matter uh fact roll another one

Before I come out da bus

I get er'body in this bitch

Brought the Chronic

Er'body get a spliff

Don't smoke, get a tiny little whiff

And be feelin'

Smoking in my car

Don't even know to drive my whip

Roll another one when the first blunt's lit

My energy, yo

I can't stay awake


You know, keep that cloud a smoke

Man, stay rollin' up them Swishers

Pullin' out dat bag


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