WIZ KHALIFA - Smoke Chambers

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Back when I was a kid I use to drive along

Always feeling like I was stuck out here on my own

Now my pocket it’s full and I still ridin’ slow

What goes on my head, don’t nobody know

I’m in a lie all of my life don’t nobody, can’t put on display

Nothing to call my own dog and duggin’ every day

Put that camera on the waging and keep it real with me

Time to time I get on searching on reality

And feeling so alone, alone again, alone again

Alone again, alone again, alone

Say which one?

Let me see how you are, don’t be afraid dog

I’m smoking that weed every day but never have my faith

They calling my phone, I don’t even got a time on day

Don’t know there’s more, that’s why I hesitate

I’m try to party and getting drunk, I try to levitate

I remember back in the day I ain’t have no cash

I was coming above of nothing hoping it will last

Now it’s 2014 and I got it all

Feeling like I get pages that I start it on my own

Alone again, alone again,

Alone again, alone

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