WIZ KHALIFA - Say U Will lyrics

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And they say don't say it less you mean it

Back when I was young I say I will be the one

People say they couldn't see it

But on the other hand

There was some sayin I be this

Nigga on top as soon as you say I'm defeated

T-Pain, they sayin I couldn't believe it

Funny cause they say the same thing when they see me

The way I spit you would say I was bulimic

And this beat so hard

I had to say I did a remix

Niggas hate they don't say it but they think it

When you lame I can't hear what you sayin when you speakin

Another plane my mother sayin get some sleep in

I can't I'm livin what others sayin they dream is

Now the hoes sayin I'm conceited

Cause they wanna give me brains

And I say I don't need it

I'm gettin paid and payin so much attention

To what these radios playin and sayin to me ends

I ain't sayin I'm that deep in

But I'm sayin I got my feet in

In a year they gon say I'm Michael Phelps

And you gon think to yourself

Before you jump into the deep end

It was said that my city was sleepin

Outta state I had to say what that P meant

"I put on" like Kan said on that Jeezy

Come to where I live the kids say I'm like He-Man

Doin everything that you say I can't

Not a stroke of luck player

You can say I plan

Tired of sayin shit to make these niggas understand

So I'll be everything that you say I am

Very strange, yes

You niggas too plain, I'm a Taylor Gang Jet

And my lames left

I talk money so I save breath

And niggas say that I'm lucky

I say that I'm blessed

Hundreds on the mattress

Twenties on the floor

Kids with dirty handguns posted by the door

When I was 14 they used to send me to the store

To bring back blunts, now I'm the one that's rollin up

Speakers bump, iPhone plug-in for my truck

E-Knievel, showin ya niggas how to stunt

I mess up flows like waves and potholes

West Coast I fuck hoes and eat Roscoes

Got gold with diamonds in it

All the finest linen

Versace, my city tryin lock me hahaha

{That's my Biggie flow right there, I dunno if ya'll caught that.

That's that Biggie flow though}

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