WIZ KHALIFA - Rise Above

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You want it dog, from seeing me go so hardI got a motor baby, smoke, puffin, stickin on me jobBut instead, they hatin on what I been doingHaving conversations, in my face, Bout what I should do for emBut Ive a doobie rolled, and Im dropin weed on emPackin my bags, looks like Im staying for weeksBut be gone in the morning, if the flight is privateWes probablys aboard it, you see it, you like it?I can probably afford it, If niggas really felt so tight in the way and bout the shit Im doingYou picked a crazy time to start letting me nowCause jealousy and envy, thats a trick for mostly bitchesNot a man so you aint one if you letting it show(Chorus)Cause the moneys like the weed, how we letting it growAnd I aint holding on to shit, Im letting it goStarted smoking now we All in the paper planeAll in the paper planeAll of us getting payed

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