WIZ KHALIFA - Reefer Party

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<strong>Reefer Party Lyrics</strong>

[wiz Khalifa]

yes sir

man i got some of mah shit

damn i got some of mah shit

fuck you ..... hahaha


thats what it really look like man



and i dont fuck around

uh...... 1000 pounds of weed

riding in my car so fast i wont turn down the speed

them hoes dont use they feet

no no they break down to they knees

and suck me like a king

rose in my champagne glass and my diamonds in my ring

wrote something thats yo bitch on my dick

well i might let her hold something

you nigkas smoking 7

ima need a hoe younging; hoe younging

oooh.... some ones that hate, same ones that tag along

no blackberry, too many lame nigkas call my phoone

call me world wide wiz cause im never home

ever leave me around yo bitch and ima get her stoned

and you know that i rock camos and brought fros back

so go down low so my old tracks and go plant some where theres hoes at

fucking high and you down there where them lows at

getting tired of hearing my flow jack

and got hemi joints; u cant roll that

i got a whole lot of og

and im rolling up for anyone in here that knows me

everybody smoking.... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

its a paaaaarty.... oh its a partyy;

everybody smoking papers nobody smoking blunts

bitches rolling bs and my nigkas fucked up


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