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[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

I don't really got to say much

I let my pacc talk

I don't really got to talk much

That's what these racks for

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]

I get fly for the studio

I get fly for the airport

I get fly everywhere I go, oh, oh

30 bottles up in ??

In the club rollin' airplanes

You gettin' money, you already know (Oh, Oh)

So much Cris, you would think we buy it wholesale

And my crib so big, look like a hotel

When we leave here we smokin' out the hotel

When we leave ain't no tellin' who pay the whole bill

Cause we all gettin' money, uh!


[Verse 2: Juicy J]

I'm a broke nigga's nightmare, broke hoes sight stare

And a walking bank roll, as long as the dank rolled

It's gon' be hard to hear you niggas

Louis frames so I don't have to see you niggas

Me and the Taylor Gang, floatin' on a private plane

Bad bitch gimme brain, hide behind this tinted thing

Money bag, kush cologne, niggas wonder why we on

All about the benjy's nigga, Puffy Combs

I can make an actress do backflips on a mattress

I can make a sack do a back flip on Saks Fifth

Get trippy with a star, it'll get you far

Turnt up in the club, TMZ outside my car


[Verse 3: Problem]

Catch me at the spot with mo' ?

Dope cookies, kush, kilos, and mollys

Smelling like money what a elegant fragrance

This watch I got on is a hell of a statement

Check the clock, you know the time

Girl, fuck your body, I want you mind

In need of getting this money, nigga been spending this money

And partying ? then you should probably die


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