WIZ KHALIFA - O.T.T.R Ft. Curren$y and Big Sean lyrics

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[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa]

They saying, it’s bout time some real niggas made it

And when I go outside they sayin’ I’m famous

And some don’t understand but listen close and you’ll find out

I’m running through the ground, you smell the kush when I ride out

I’m moving at top speed, my engine is foreign

I travel across seas where women are gorgeous

And niggas know it’s us, we make it tough to mistake it

Just let me roll it up and when it’s stuffed we blaze it

Then we off to the races

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]

Starsky and Hutch minus the fuzz

Me and Spitta stick together like… huh!

Cotton and mud, some chicks countin’ up buds

Mouth got cotton prol from the drug

Lot of pot in my process love?

Don’t hate a nigga cause I’m blessed

Judge me by my progress bruh!

I obsess with every dollar I get

F-ck you think we made it out the projects for

The object is to make money and get the most from it

And more money, cause more money aint enough of it

I know niggas who had money and let it go to nothing

Just blow money and aint got nothin to show for it

That’s f-cking stupid!

Same as my diamonds and the fact I’m buying all this new shit

Made a million a way a nigga grind’ll be a blueprint

I’m talkin’ champagne shit

Audemar Tailor Made shit

Look at my jackets, say “hand made” bitch


[Verse 2: Curren$y]

And I’ma Pimp C

Leaning in my ride like I Bun B

Sittin’ tall on my chrome seat but I’m blowin the c?

My girl in the sheet fast asleep

I’m in the street after the chedder

Peddlin’ melodies, purchasin’ better things

On the road to the riches I done drove over n-ggas

My n-gga we major, we been major since independant

Made it to what they sayin, we made it but we aint handed

We too busy gettin it

Hound dog sniffin’ it out

Twistin’ a whole pound celebratin’ the fact that

Them wack fools had it but this here’s the take back

And them haters can’t hate that

Salute me from across a crowded club

Homie, I take that as love

Real n-gga shit the only thing I’m dealing with slim

Bitch you know that I’m the only reason you still in this club

Get out the corner of my eye and get in this truck


[Verse 3: Big Sean]

Yellin’ "suck a dick or die hoe"

See your main bitch is my side hoe

Smokin’ top shelf on the top flo’

I’m a boss bitch

I take my time and get a pronto?

You probably f-ckin’ around doing some shit I aint got time fo’

P-ssy boy!

F-ck you and your hoe anatomy bitch

My nuclear like an academy bitch

It’s Finally Famous the Faculty bitch

Killin’ these niggas no casualties

Money and weed is a real nigga salary

Man, these rappers sound like me and

Honestly that shit is so flattering bitch

(thank you, thank you, thank you)

You want me to slip up and fall

Crash, burn, but I just keep pissin’ them off

I got movies to make

I got women to call

I got deals on the table

I can’t be dealin’ with y’all


Rather crash parties and burn money

And if you pick the ashes up you still can’t earn from me

Bottom line is, I never wait in line bitch

And I’m rollin’ King Kush, I’m your Royal Highness


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