WIZ KHALIFA - No Social Media lyrics

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Ft. Snoop Dogg

(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)


I said let's go, not let's wait

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)

Girl I'm tryin' to fuck with u with no social media

Take u to a private place with no social media

Girl u look so good when u got no social media

Bring my friends, u bring some too just no social media

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

My word is bond my kush is strong

My money long my dick the bomb

I'm still the same I'll neva change

I'll still fuck a bitch out on weddin' ring on everythin'

Dark skin got a lightskin friend popping

In the '62 coupé, ass dropping

Baby press silent, we don't need our phones

And mutherfuck a charger u can leave it home

Don't keep goin' on yo phone, I'm startin' gettin' upset

Cuz u wouldn't be shit without the internet

I don't give a fuck bout how many likes u get

Fuck a selfie stick

Suck a healthy dick, Bitch!


(Verse 2: Snoop Dogg)

Jumped out the back of a black Sprinter van

On crip cause headed to the strip club

Walked in bad bitches all in my face

Want a pick, want some dick

Want some Henny have a taste on me

So G I ain't fuckin' with no TMZ

Get yo girls and u follow me all on me swallow me

Slide out bout to dip, take a trip, plead the fifth

Ride out, back door, black tint, beat me there don't meet me there

You and yo girl need to fuck with a G but no social media

Leave yo purse and yo phone at the door on the low ain't no social media


(Outro x2)

Oh no ohwoah, oh no ohwoah

Let's do this on the low ohwoah

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