WIZ KHALIFA - No Permission lyrics

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When I ride by

I want you to see what I see

Yea x 4

Shit's very clear, ah


Pass me a joint, guarantee I'ma hit it

Come to that life, I don't talk it, I live it

I got a old school ass car you can sit in

I got a crib that you probably can't get in

I got a pound me, can grind it and twist it

I’ve been at work on the grind for a minute

Smoking that loud and still mindin' my business

She fuck with me cuz I got the vision

Counting my benjis

Putting it all in the bank but don't really mind if I spend it

Can't take it? don't cross the line when you finish

When you stay all on your grind you can get it

When we be firkin' I'm climbing' up in it


She fuck with me becose I got the vision

Haters be talking', don't mind, I don't listen

Ducking' them shots, that's divine intervention

I’ll be so high, try me, come visit

You make a choice, hope you like the decision

Come to my crib, we can spark and get lifted

Go off the smoke just like I'm a magician

Ain't fuck with me? Then she probably was trippin'

Lighting' 'em up just like the electricians

Get to this money, get high my intentions

Roll me one up that's as loud as the engine


[She fuck with me becose I got the vision

I fuck with her, when I'm talking', she listen

When we together we stick to the mission

Sparking' that weed up without no permission] x 2


[Ooh, ooh, money come and money go

We stay the same no] x 2

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