WIZ KHALIFA - My Favorite Song

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When this song come on I'm spendin' money(money to)

Play something I can spend some money to(money to)


Verse 1 Wiz

I be faded but I'm highly paid so I just live my life, That shit you niggas tryin' to do I guarantee I did it twice. They say life's a gamble, hit my joint and roll the dice. When you living this high you can't be afraid of heights. Book my flight to Vegas Will, Twenty Thau' to stay the night, another ten on champagne, my money long I pay the price. Tired of niggas sayin' they in my gang 'cause dog we ain't alike I'm throwin' money when I walk up in this bitch they know its money. Money in my arms, other table full of money. Pocket full of joints I rolled droppin ashes on my clothes(my clothes) ballin' super hard smoke until I overdose hardly ever sober bitch we party 'til it's over

Hook (x2)

Verse 2 Wiz

Niggas always hatin' on me talkin' 'bout "I'm ballin' too" get your money up and quit your hatin's what you oughta do. I've been goin' hard since I was young, when I was in my teens I knew when I got older I'd be on so now I do my thing. Spendin' money poppin' hella bottles makin' niggas mad, goin' places rollin' J's, I live the life you wish you had. Throwin' up dollar bills, puttin' shit on my tab(tab) Got a joint full of that O.G. Gotta clique full of them O.G.'s

Verse 1 Juicy

Trippy nigga hit the club you know I be fcked up chasin' after model chicks tryna get my fcks up. Niggas hand cuffin' hoes but them niggas know what's up. Yall came to the club together but that hoe gon' leave with us. ??? got the blue dream, everybody rollin' up. Where the lean where the cups hoe it's time to pour it up. Tell the owner we ain't leavin' we gon' buy the whole club.

Wiz line

Now my dollars to the ceilin' and my card ain't got no limit

Hook (x2)

Thanks to Giancarlo Mazzocco @FaShazImMaz for correcting these lyrics

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