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(Prod. by Sonny Digital)

Ft. Kevin Gates

(Intro: Kevin Gates)

Man I ain't encourage my brother to do nothing fucked up

Man say bitch, my money retarded, if the bitch don't fuck

Wit her she ain't blessed, bitch

(Pre-Hook: Kevin Gates)

Saw her on the dance floor popping

Hold up, stop talking to me, tryin' to see that ass bop

She a big booty star on the dance floor bopping

Hold up, stop talking to me tryin' to see that ass wobble

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)

I'm rich, we're both grown

Gotta mail me your boyfriend at home

Too high, I'm too gone

If she don't ride wit the kid, I move on

I'm just tryin' to find someone I can leave wit (x2)

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

I ain't really playin' wit you, don't know your name

I'm just tryin' to do some things to ya

Take ya home, let ya rep Taylor Gang

Let ya roll up a plane

Let ya bring yo home girls

Let my boys run a train

I'mma real ass nigga out of Pittsburgh

She don't fuck, I don't deal wit her, know ya heard

Good dick what I slang, I don't even run game

I've been learned my lane, hoes fucking up for fame

Hop in my ride then I go front backside

To the side got my money, she love that

Rolling weed up first class

Taylor Gang nigga all about his cash

Smacking little momma on the ass


(Verse 2: Kevin Gates)

I done threw a ring around my dick and my finger, ya digg?

I done threw some bling around my grill and my pinky, ya digg?

Yo girl end up leaving wit me, ya ain't a freak, where yo friend?

Gates slang, I'm gonna throw that meat in her stomach for real

Audi, Mustang, Duli Truck, I just wrecked that Chevelle

Flipped it with my wife the otha night, give a fuck can ya tell?

Kevin it's yo pipe, well out in public won't notice she yell

Kept that on the tuck, no recognition, I'm touching them bells

Give them to myself off the truck or they come in the mail

Big booty something on the dance floor popping

Hold up stop talking to me tryin' to see that ass wobble

Big money pocket, got the lumps, Kevin got dollars


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