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Is it recordin? Somebody grab me a lighter. Desert swag. You can do anything you want man, real shit.

Just got a couple things I wanted to get off my chest, Let me.

They say they want you to live your life, maybe they wish they could live it for you. Say that they are happy that you made it, but really they wish it was them, damn, damn...

Don't come down keep your head above the water. And when they doubt, just keep showin' them that your stronger. I smoke too much, I think I got a drinkin' problem. But if you were me, with all of this,on your plate,fuck would you do?

Imma be the same, ill probably never change niggas think I'm new but i got years up in this game, been doin' my thing, I been here carving my own lane, I been had all them cars, been had them diamonds in my chain. You say you wanna rock star, a superstar, a big shot, Well it takes a little time, a little patience, I live a lot, plus i give all i got...

Thanks to @MazTheBro Giancarlo Mazzocco for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Temptz for correcting these lyrics

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