WIZ KHALIFA - MIA feat. Juicy J lyrics

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I be over seas, I be in LA

I be in the South, trappin hard all day

I'm from Pittsburgh but I be in the Bay

I be in New York, I be MIA

I be in Chitown where they quick to spray

I be in Detroit where they gettin paid

I be overseas, I be in LA

I be in New York, I be MIA

[Verse 1: Wiz]

If you know me, you know I'm bout my bread

I count a hundred million dollars 'fore I go to bed

I'm smoking OG, I'm drinking champagne

I'm standing on the couch, just throwing up my damn gang

I'm out in A town, 'bout to go to Mansion

My jewelry on so all my dogs is ready for the action

I'm in my old school, my niggas ridin new

I'm in the Fountain Bleu like what you tryin' to do

I brought the whole thing so that's what I'mma smoke

I spent the whole thing, I'm never going broke

I'm rocking gold chains, I'm drinking til I croak

Smokin' 'til I choke, my watch need a vote


[Verse 2: Juicy J]

On vacation weed in rotation

Doing relaxation, trippy nation

Chasing bands, all those chicks

Look like Sports Illustrated

I'm getting high as a plane

With no final destination

On that gin, on that Hen

And that lean intoxication

Rocking dollars, rocking gold

Money tall like Manute Bol

In a presidential suite

With some playmates in a fold

Niggas out here chasing ass

When they should be chasing cash

I be smoking til it's gone

Juicy J don't waste no gas

With her legs lift up

I thought it was a stick up

Should've seen them hoes that pick up

Bands hard to lift up

Yellow diamonds look like a bumble bee

They call me the money tree

All these bands on me, I can throw a jamboree

[Hook x2]


You already know what it is Nigga

It's that Cabin Fever 2

Shout out to everybody who got the first Cabin Fever

If you're listening to this right now

You're probably on the 2050 tour wit us

So welcome to that

It's TGOD man, we smoke footlong joints

Nothin' but KK and cookies all day

Pittsburgh in this bitch

Every time that we hit man, I know y'all in this bitch

So what we goin do is roll another joint, keep this thing going

It's Cabin Fever, 2050

ONIFC is in stores December 4th

December 4th, ONIFC

Make sure y'all go and get that

Taylor Gang album, let's get it

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