WIZ KHALIFA - Landing lyrics

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(feat. Curren$y)

Money in the floor, weed in a bowl

On the couch life like..

Big TV, nigga, big ass remote

Motion sensors all over my house

For investigate ass hoes

That’s waiting for me to pass out

So they can tiptoe all over my home

Woah, pump your brakes, slow your roll

I got cake, bread in loaves

State to state, hit that oad

Hit that bank, when I get home

Hit that lot tomorrow morn’

I think they got the one I want

Top I drop like my ex ho

Top get dropped like I let it go

Fool I close Ferrari doors

My driveway is horror show

Smoke my weed, eat my breakfast

My bitch read our horoscopes

Out loud

Talk about what’s gonna get done to a nigga

Until I run in to niggas

Might dress kinda funny to niggas,

I got more money than niggas

These niggas like lacking positive influence

So I’m son’ing these niggas

You niggas more.., I’m more sunny to niggas

That’s why I got a couple of cribs and everyone one of ‘em on

Shoulda have my Ferrari but now I had to give my mother a home

Just bought a few pounds the other day and everyone one of ‘em gone

Just counting my chains, tomorrow I’ma put everyone one of ‘em on

You niggas must be trippin’ yeah that’s a Benz, nigga what’s the addition

Niggas jealous cause they see me getting money

See me and Spitta in this bitch, they like yeah niggas must be twistin’

So much swag and you niggas looking bummy

And we been giving swag but on the real that wasn’t the intention

So much swag make and niggas wish he was me

It’s kinda funny cause a nigga thought I was being different

I’m getting high laughing at you niggas ‘cause it’s funny

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