WIZ KHALIFA - Knock U Down Freestyle

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Pop champagne roll sum weed up we in a slow game I brung the speed up high octane hella inked up bird or plane yhu prolly seen us made a lil change but it's all gud neva thought in ya face I'm from a small hood best dressed like a star should be on so we can hardly see yall we are sum tailor game fuckin bosses I live every day not caring what tha cost is pop more bands cop more clothes drive fast cars fuck bad hoes I fly circles yhu kno workers in dirt last readin tweets n fallin in sleep in first class mighta heard mii song but all of yall didn't kno tha kiid so I took ova tha net like hova did n set mii goals wur tha solar is now mii swagg on polar bear n pretend dhat man don't even exists n get ya lips wet like lisp I'm jus like a pimp some dislike from them but imma big fish you just tiger shrimp flirtin wit fame but at night I dream of success if yhu sleepin on me den yhu gettin gud rest yes cuz wen niggas ask who hotter den drizzy den dey tlkn about me o-kay!

Thanks to dat gurrrrrl for correcting these lyrics

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