WIZ KHALIFA - Incompatible lyrics

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Incom, incom, incom, incom, incompatible, (Oh)

It don't matter though (Oh)

Cause someone's bound to hear my cry (Oh Oh Oh Oh)

Speak out if you do (Oh)

You're not easy to find. (Oh)

They say I'm on some shit, but I'm just workin hard.

If you aint on your job, then we can't get along.

I'm smokin everyday, my money getting long N niggas gon hate,

That's why I made this song.

Shorty blowin up my phone, she say that she in love,

No matter how much I give her, she say it ain't enough.

Hold up it's not a game, or nothing to play with

You see the ice and lights on my spaceship?

Yeah, I'm out here livin, nigga famous in my songs.

My paper too right, I can't do wrong.

You think too small, I see the big picture.

N I fuck wit real niggas, so I can't do yall.

Too gone, I be reppin Taylor Gang, who yall?

N that talkin you doin can't do harm.

Cuz I'm on, nothing left you can lie bout, but it only took once for me to find out.

Pussy nigga we're...

Chours (x2)

She say I'm on some shit, cuz I don't be at home.

She called her daddy down, but I be on the road.

Gotta get this money, so I gotta do these shows.

Text me every day, but I don't even call or respond.

Got the nerve to say I don't do you wrong

Look at my picture every time you hear my song.

I tell you all the time, I get it together.

Shoulda listened to ya girls, you can do better.

I'm gone when you need me, busy when you're alone.

It's hard to believe me, when I'm in the studio

Groupie hoes on a nigga, follow anywhere he go

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