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If I said it, I meant it nigga...

We all in... everything's Taylored

And fuck it, we ain't gotta go to the store no more

I got my own papers baby girl, I'm finna get my own weed too

Get you a pound and let you roll that shit

[Verse 1:]

Uh, I'm rollin' up the windows while I'm smoking weed

Driving through my town like I don't know the speed

Countin' so much paper I can't fold it up

Bad bitch, she sucks me while I'm rollin' up

Yeah bitch, you probably see me everywhere

Money long, now my house got TV's everywhere

Literally everywhere you turn you see a flat-screen

New bitch... looked nothing like my last fling

Ridin' in a Maserati nigga no shirt

Niggas probably hatin' on me but it won't work

Camo shorts on, like a general

Mind on a meal blowin' on medicinal


I'm just a young nigga hustliiiiiiiiin' yeah...

Hustliiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn' yeah...

[Verse 2:]

Been through every nigga town, neva had a problem

Young millionaire, never had a job though

Throw that money up and watch her hit the ground

As long as your money up, she said it's goin' down

Brought her homegirl said that she don't do friends

Kicked the bitch out and make her find new friends

Should I get hella high or buy some new rims

745 or a new Benz

I take every day and live like it's the weekend

Doin' it all if you ain't ballin', take a seat then

If I said it, I meant it... throw a stack at that bitch ass

And make her pay her rent with it


I'm just a young nigga hustliiiiiiiiin' yeah...

Hustliiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn' yeah...

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