WIZ KHALIFA - Hustlin Eryday lyrics

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(ft. Big Bang & Big Bake)

yeah bitch, we're high, we're drunk. as fuck. there’s no police fuck man. the day is great. today is large..


I’ve been hustling like eryday doin time on my grind tryin make a pay, hey

I’m still postin’ on the same block, the same hood

Still duckin; from the same cops. I try hard but the life that I live man ain't all its seemin, sometimes I pray to God I’m dreamin’

But I ain’t. try to get out but I can’t damn.

ay, yo im Stuck in a situation; hustlin’ to get this paper

less of a dyin' breed they say that the hood’s in danger

Thats why im in the streets from dawn to dusk. if they could the government would drop a bomb on us

How you supposed to dream big when you’re stuck in a nightmare. stay strapped cuz around here they dont fight fair

Paranoid gotta watch for the cops. cuz they sure dont got abomb playin rocks in the socks gotta probably pretend to tell'em you just a plea.They try to hit you wit six but you will only do three there’s no justice when theyre lockin up just us

the label us as thugs gangstas and hustlas hittin me wit possession now im under arrest. and the reason why i smoke is to deal with the stress. the only things gonna change is what i been wishin: life over hustlin',stuck in the system.


Well, if there’s hell here it is my home oh so known its where the drug dealers get it in. tryin to make a livin, but i need to make a killin. ya pocket pissin, the projects is a vision

Babies born into hustlas, they the cousins of the customers

the police always f*ck with us but what the f*ck you want from us

you wanna see us suffering the drugs are just the cover up

They always tear us down the moment we think we comin up. if only I can make a couple bucks

to get my grandmother up and out the hood and get her that house she always wanted out in the woods.

My intentions are good, though they treat me as the bad guy

just another black guy tryin to get his stacks high.just another pull over I’m pretty sure its that guy

Not the life I wanted but the life I live

musics my only way out tell'em bout it wiz.


I’ve been .. vision

The way I’m living ..but the same time in prison ..

‘cause I’m seeing that they need something

Now who am I not to supply to get this money I’m not a dummy

I know this is a vicious cycle .. stronger with the bottom line

..survival that’s why I try to be the bets man that I can

I’m not looking for every man woman to understand

Listen this is my struggle

Why they see so many niggas lock the way

..pretty box .. i said ..is coming, but while I live people .. for nothing

I’m smoking guns .. I’ma just do it not talking ..

Watch my movements because the proof is always in ..

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