WIZ KHALIFA - Hot 97 Freestyle

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Full of medicine so you know

I'm reppin' Taylor Gang too man shout out to anybody else reppin Taylor Gang

You already know how we do, it's your boy young Khalifa

Yall ready?


Flyer than ever,

Rep Taylor Gang, where the higher the better

My lines are clever and all my bitches dimes or better

About my cheese mozzarella

Chains like the old Roc-a-fella

I know your girls a freak, but you never beat, acapella

I got it locked the hell up, sewn

And I ain't need no help I did it on my own

I outta be a pilot, all the places I have flown

If they made another me it'll be a million dollar clone

Haters goin' hate

The bitches say I'm on

My money like my hair now, it's gettin kind of long

Comin' up people swore they seen us

Now I'm rich, need a chick as bad as Kanye's Phoenix

So roll up please, In flex we trust

Let them lames be lames we goin' just be us

So roll up please, In flex we trust

And let them lames be lames we goin' just be us

That's it man, you know, a little Taylor gang paper planes

Put them 2 fingers up man, if you with it

And If you ain't get with it man, or get flown over

Thanks to ~Aqua for correcting these lyrics

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