rate me

Yeah it's goin' down, Yeah it's goin' down

Watch her hit tha flo', Watch her hit tha flo'

Yeaaaaaaaa Bitch. You know what it is. It's Wizzle man

Taylor Gang or die. Heavy Hustle in this bitch. Yea. (hahaha) Yup. Yea

The way lil' shorty go I'm tryna think where I should take her

Watch her hit tha flo, I'm out here spending all this paper

Bought some cigarillos yeah I blow it by the acre

If you lookin' this good well shit I wanna meet your maker

Take her, to my home, Say hello to my neighbors

She my biggest fan, I see her man just tryna save her

Put it in her mouth, and now my taste she's tryna savor

Shorty saying Khalifa Man should have his own flavor

Haters wanna be me, but can't walk in my Chuck Taylor's

All black eleven's, Mac-11 with the lazer

Mami keep on shaking it like she a salt shaker

Hand on the ground, everybody around

Yea. Yea

Hey A lot of niggas hate, but all the bitches wanna do me

Wizzle L. Jackson, Yeah my life is like a movie

Heavy Hustle Gang, Swisher Sweets with the jacuzzi

Probably fucked your girl, you don't like it nigga sue me

Shawty from the hood, but in the club she actin' booshie

Body like a centerfold, Boy look at that loody!

My ink got her gone, Wanting to know who tattoos me

Head game right, Just said she'd like to ride (Yeah)

DJ play my song, When it come on she gets excited

Before I leave the club, I'll put her number in my sidekick

Swagger on some different shit, She tell me that she like it

Watch her break it down, I ain't playin' around

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