WIZ KHALIFA - Go Hard Or Go Home

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Ft Iggy Azalea & Tonu


I feel like the sky is fallin’ down, ain’t nobody here to play around

Push it to the edge I won’t back down

Cuz it’s time to go hard or go home

One way out no way out

I give it all, all for the family

We stay up, no bails ups

Give it all, all for the family, family, family,


Time for 3, 2, 1 I got one shut

You lose the love, the respect, that’s when the word stop

New work, top drop,

I roll up on every 15 minutes like a bus stop

And you can smell this when I’m smoking and I burn out

And you catch me right and dirty but you car not

This love and loyalty into my heart line

Never turn you back, wander how I turn out

I say the ones that do it again

I’ll play again, I do it again

With you and your friend let’s stay then and now

It’s me and my team, you know we gonna win

You know we gonna ball, you know we gonna rock

Til the roof fall out, you know we gonna stuck


MONY what I go hard for

Swinging on the green like I’m try to get pow for

You ain’t sitting on my table hope you star

Hold on don’t push my bottoms if you stunnin’ on my car, what?

Press and make a diamond and press to make me store

Gotta met him as my man and bring me down out the door

People always ask me how I get this far

My response it’s just to keep me on and send me how you are

Now they call me misses Mary, I get marry to the moon

Just to measure my success and need a hundred rulers

I got it Halleluiah, I’mma take that ass to church

I’mma finish like a story then you still got to work

(Hook) x 2

Thanks to T for correcting these lyrics

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