WIZ KHALIFA - Gettinga Up

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<b>Getting’ Up </b> by <i>Wiz Khalifa</i><br />yahhh

its young khalifa

mr. look the fuck up

all that


feeling real good about life

got a drink poured

blunt lit

lets go

excuse me, my jeans levi, my shoes is gucci

hoes like who he

on the paper chase, dont waste my loose leaf

a nigga paying bills, lightin L's on the beach

but i still move with the goons on a loose leesh.

some call it weird, hoes call it unique

swag like i just stepped out a boutique

and i spit like i got a mouth full of loose teeth

closet full of new sneaks that i probably never wear

im in that president suite, bad bitch

and if them niggas aint me, average

i treat a beat like a canvas

bar bras on the song paint it perfect

ever run out of weed, i throw a purp fit

i keep the army at ease cause yall aint worth it

been considered hipster, cause my shirts fit

the way your bitch hit my chirp, make a hip hurt

young nigga riding that wave, picturing me surfin

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