WIZ KHALIFA - Gangster 101 lyrics

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(Prod. by Sonny Digital)

(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)

Anywhere that we go they know us

I keep some KK in the plane rolled up

Shorty say that I'm a gangsta, so what?

If shorty say that I'm a gangsta, so what?

I do my thing, hunnid kay to show up

Keep Bombay and lemonade in my cup

If shorty say that I'm a gangsta, so what?

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Shorty say that I'm a gangsta, so what?

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

Called some friends, told her call some friends

Pour some juice and Gin

We go in, we be goin' in

We don't know the end

Pour some Gin, she want some more Henn

I'm late fo' level ten

Luv again, neva luv again, neva luv again

Niggas talk down, really mean it cause it's all fo' fame

Look at me, look into my eyes, I been through some pain

Lost some change, then bounced back again

Gave some niggas game, y'all some lames, ya'll some lames

Y'all some, ya'll some lames

I'm just countin' up this money, rollin' up a plane

Niggas in my lane, so I'm focused on some otha things

When ya a boss in the game ya show hella patience

Niggas goin' on yo page, don't know where the bank is

She keep blowin' up my phone, said she wanna play

Spent one night at my crib, say she wanna stay

I do what I want to, say what I wanna say

I been hustling, hustling, I been hustling


(Verse 2: King Los)

Oh, shit, hold up, hold up, bro I'm focused

Roll up, blow and choke it

Water don't approach us

Fucked the hoe wit magic, call it hocus pocus

Los the dopest spoken, flow and stroke the coldest

Stroked the hoe and told her, 'Woah, woah, woah catch it all'

Like Pokemon then poke the poke to free 'em

Hokey Pokey, put yo left foot in

I put the effort in, no, don't eff wit them

I chef wit the same shit I'm left wit

Cookin' wit the left, boy, I'm Stephen

Wicked wit the right like I'm Neffles

Spit it to a dyke, get the leverage

Kick it fo' a night, that's the blessing

Might hit it twice if I'm guessing

She'll probably bring her wife to the session

Bitch on wood like Spike at the Knick game

Nice wit the dick game, slurp game, twerk game

Pipe in a chick frame, twenty-four seven

More money, more blessings

I ain't got fifty cents fo' the bitch

I don't ask her twenty-one questions

My nigga's flip yayo, I just put the bucks in the bank

Keep it G wit the niggas 'round the way though

Ya knit that together, ya get that

Ya chit-chat too much, you're a bitch ass nigga

A big ass bitch, that's a BBW

I'm a eighties baby, that's BB's on BMW's

Ya PMS cause ya BS, I serve niggas like UPS

The groupies sweat the coupe

The Gucci sweats, the retro sneaks

The groove too fresh, the proven best

The cool respect the cool

So who are ya, the spectical

The new special dude, the next to rule

The extra ruse, I'm extra rude

My ex could prove that I had to make an extra move now...


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