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[Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa]

I always had hard beats to rap to

Always had strong, always had that sack too

I was just a young nigga gettin’ tattoos

Now they say I’m on, yeah they say I’m that dude

Grade A, I’m smoking honor roll

All my clothes smell like chronic smoke

Shades on cuz I’m fuckin’ faded

Buyin’ all the bottles, show the club we made it


Now you may think you’re so good that you smilin’ at that fuck shit

But I know

[Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa]

I can see through all the bullshit

I’ma light a joint and make you do a full spin

I’ma fly first class with all my niggas I’m cool with

I’ma hit the club with 50 grand and lose it

Faded off gin, last call for alcohol

I brought it all out I’m gon’ spend

My homies got all of ‘em in

And niggas be mad at us cuz they ain’t ballin’ they money ain’t tall as us

But I never worry ‘bout niggas who talk that shit but they can’t follow us


[Verse 3 – Menace]

Now look how I rep that shit I was raised on

And them dollar signs what it’s based on

And I roll around and I do me

Spent a long time in that hooptie

But I get it in, smoke a lot of trees, drink a lot of gin

Nigga like me got a couple friends and a couple bottles and a couple Benz

But I’m all in

Came in the game, balling

My old school with it’s ???

And I’m cashin only, y’all stolen

End of the night, yo’ bitch I’m callin’

But fuck it nigga, wanna roll with me

Let her fire it up, let her smoke with me

She don’t fuck with lames but she love a G

And she love the way I slang the D

But I’m in the club and don’t fuck with haters

Don’t need them niggas tryna bother me

But I’m poppin’ bottles for the time to be

Standin’ on the couch, call it luxury

Little model chicks wanna fuck with me

Wanna smoke with me, wanna drink with me

Wanna come with me

But I’m in and out like I'm supposed to be, still smokin’ trees


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