WIZ KHALIFA - Finish Line lyrics

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(Prod. by Sonny Digital)

Ft. Project Pat


Sonny Digital

Oh, oh

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)

Uh, first place, first place, she want first place

First place, hit a home run, skipped first base

She want first place, first place

Not the runner up, she want first place

Cross the finish line, she in first place

First place, first place, first place (x2)

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

Met her at the club, took her back to my hotel

Say she got a man, fuck her, when she won't tell

Leaving out the crib high as fuck with no plane

Rolling Mary J, now I smoke erry day

I blow KK on the regular

Fuck me like you said you would

She ain't down to do it, get anotha bitch instead of her

Bombay on my breathe and all my niggas on your left

Took all your bitches, ain't nothin' left

She sucked a dick, she passed the test

She don't want the runner up, she want first place

Went to STK and fucked her on the first date

Bitches luv Young Khalifa in the worst way

I fuck 'em once and pass 'em off cos' I ain't thirsty

Cake like it's my birthday

I sent ya on the lurker page

She come to the show and break me off now she in first place

She skip past them bitches bullshit and she in first place

Her friend eat it while she suck this dick, now she in first place

Put it all in her face


(Verse 2: Project Pat)

Macaroni, pretty Tony, I'm just tryin' to make the bitch

Pimp, player, ho layer, I'm just tryin' to break the bitch

Bottom bitch, real slick, you got skills to make me rich

Poodle noodles, face like a poodle ass taking shit

Double dick

Down south bitch eat that cornbread

Bounce that ass on a hard dick with some warm head

Graffiti on her body, I see she got long weave

Maserati, go to my goal on my skis

And she got a job with a salary

The bitch went to Howard University

Credit good, she can take me on a shopping spree

Baby daddy want to hold her back, lock and key

In the back of the Ghost, gave me head, wasn't scared

She understood in life you got to cheat to get ahead

It was our first date, I couldn't let her skate

She wanted first place, so I shot a nut in her face

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