WIZ KHALIFA - Familiar

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I am in the air

All I want is the money

And I see it so clear

weed in my grinder

mind on a million

taylor gang in the planes

you know it over the building

They ask me how fly

I’m gonna tell you

You recognize the G

I Should be lookin familiar


Party and chillin

And fast living

how Im supposed to.. now the choices giving

I chose to leave the club with a couple of hoes

Who love to smoke trees rolling the easy wider papers

maintain a low speed

How shell I proceed?

Come from a city where niggers ain’t got a life

but got alot

So I be low key

Money hoes clothes is all a nigger knows

Don’t bring a nug I blow it by the O

I hit the road cause shit is exactly how it seems

I had to sleep and now me

I’ve been living on my dream

Marijuana's level my surround i'm just a ring

i'm laughing and smoking

hoping my camera catch the scene

Fresh above the plain

Think another paper

Shorty wanna ride with me

As bad as I wanna take her

Put you in demand bitch is

Takin flex with the planes

and send them to their friends

We hit the grind mind on a million

and we over the building.


Thanks to derek but somes still not right lol for correcting these lyricsa

Thanks to ibrahimddy for correcting these lyrics

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