WIZ KHALIFA - Elevated

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Scared money don’t make money, so what ya scared for?

And real people do real things, so what ya waitin' for?

A stand up nigga stand up the rest of their lives (Yeah)

And real G’s do what they want, don’t eva think twice


Uh, it go, one for the money

2 for the niggas getting it

Three for the niggas that be running from it

Ya got to grind if ya really want it

Don’t hesitate

Ya came this far now finish up yo whole dream

Nobody said it’d be easy though, just stick to yo plan

They don’t understand

Goin' up against the odds

Havin' no regards

Make our own laws, ya can be yo own boss

But they don’t tell ya that all ya need is a foundation to stand on

And ya can build it then the limit is the sky

Until then I’m with my niggas gettin' high

And plus we with it ya all know the business


(Verse 2)

Oh what did ya think I would neva get another M?

Niggas in the game cause we let ‘em in

We ain’t check they chains

We ain’t put ‘em on blast and expose them fools for everythin'

We ain’t tell ya how they really lames

And that they don’t do shit that they get on teve and say

We ain’t mad though, we on the coast of France for three days

I’m tryna make a play, marijuana steam sauna

Young nigga from the bottom crackin' lobster, eatin' pasta

Ya would think that he a mobster

La Familia, ya are not familiar

Just got a bigger safe, now it’s time to fill up, nigga


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