WIZ KHALIFA - Cosmic Kev

rate me

i'm roll it, roll it the other one

when it's all said and done

i'll be gather top 'cause i hustle like

the cars i'm pulling among the light

don't even test job before i cop

just..they got or grab..in Vegas

they deal the..and how we amount my watch

i'm placing above my.. don't even got much paper

..how to get this money against the things that i know

i'm blowing that thing for the though

my..so strong i swear to god you'd think this come on

i go anywhere in the world and just making my home

stand at the house level but i ain't making the ..

now that my money bright and s*ckers keep thinking i'm wrong

but i just put them your gas..and i'm gone

if you ain't talking money that you can't get a car

..the life you can't live it all

while i drive i ain't thinking to y'all

and i ain't in the game and i am thinking to ball

you talk the ..see you tomorrow

i am getting you ain't even seen you gonna never..

i'm doing ..ma i don't shop to the store

i'm smoking trees i'm looking snoop deal double G

...plus tow December 13

yeah smoking all day i thought that ..like forever

and it's what you people..

eat a lot of strawberries

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