WIZ KHALIFA - City View lyrics

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Ft. Courtney Noelle

(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)

This shit ain't as easy as it looks nigga

It's way fuckin' easier

Don't get it twisted bitch

But on some real shit though

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

Man these niggas don't want it

Ridin' in the car and the watch cost the same thing

Nigga that's stunting

Getting all this paper

Got me shittin' in public

That roof with a city view

I did that from nothin'

And these niggas keep hatin' me

But I'm just gonna keep stacking up

No one thing I'll neva change

I talk shit but I back it up

You niggas don't go hard as me

So why the fuck you mad at us?!

I'm rollin' up the balmer's weed

The first one wasn't fat enough

Your car don't go fast enough

You don't fly first class enough

You don't do no switchin' states

You don't do no packin' up

All you do is gassing up

That's why you wasn't past enough

Smokin' weed and crackin' up

All this cheese I'm racking up

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa and Courtney Noelle)

See one thing about me

I've always been about mine

As soon as you doubt me

I show you how hard I grind

Yeah I hear they hate me

But they do it all the time

There's no you without me

I know this so I'm not lettin' go

I'm not lettin' go (x3)

(Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa)

Get it how I live it

Get it and don't care how I spend it

Swear to god, my credit card ain't got no limit

Time expensive so I spent hundred thousand on my watches

Full of diamonds

I ain't even reached the top and I'm still climbin'

I'm still climbin'

I'm still rhymin'

Fillin' up papers with chronic

Keepin' niggas out the way

Who got the hatin' shit in common

Let's be honest

Let's keep it real here

My bank is full of commas

I'm talking millions

And I got no problems

Spendin' what I spent yeah

Cuz I'm probably

The realest nigga in here

Matter of fact I know I am

And I know my diamonds are frozen

Not to mention my bank overflowing

And I just can't stop, I keep going


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