WIZ KHALIFA - Celebrate

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(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)

Uh, smoke weed everyday

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

Young niggas get rich

Rich niggas gon' ball

Ya'll niggas ask prices

My niggas buy it all

Rocking shit that's foreign

Drivin' cars brand new cars

Youngest nigga in charge

Now your bitch at large

Hol up, what they saying

OG Kush in my plane

Diamonds all in my chain

Young nigga doing his thing

Young nigga gon' stunt

Buy whatever he want

My section very important

Came through the back, not the front (ooh!)

Smoking and flyin'

No drinkin' and drivin'

I ball till I fall

Got no no need for retirin'

Ya'll niggas stessed out

My niggas just chilling

Young niggas in the buildin'

Young niggas get millions

(Chorus: Rico Love)

And I want to celebrate

Celebrate living

I could've been dead

I could've been in prison

So I'ma celebrate

Celebrate balling

Back then I had no phone

Now all these bitches calling

Smoke, drink, blow checks

Rolex, more sex

Cause I can afford it

I fucked around and just bought it

So I want to celebrate

Celebrate living (x2)

Look how we living

(Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa)

Rich niggas go hard

Never want to be broke

Broke niggas just hate

Never want to be rich

Rich niggas buy it all

Buy it all for the clique

Buy it all for my dawgs

You buy it all for a bitch

Broke niggas be joking

Lil niggas need coachin'

Them bottles ain't even open

Homie, that ain't the shit

My chain shit on your car

My rolex fucked your bitch

My chain shit on your car

My rolex fucked your bitch

Just came home from tour

Half a mill when I'm bored

Ya'll niggas can't afford it

Rich niggas want more

Ya'll niggas tapped out

Rich niggas want more

Bitch nigga I'm balling

Rich nigga, Mike Jordan


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