WIZ KHALIFA - Call Waiting

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Yeah, day after day I just stay here

Waitin' for ya to get home

Lately I been goin' crazy

Can’t wait to get in my zone

Sometimes I can’t find yo number

And there’s no one else to call

Ya leave me waitin' by the phone

Ya keep me high, that’s for sure


But I know, you’ll be there when I need ya

I can’t place no one above you

I tried but I can’t get enough of yo luv

And you’re right there for me

Said I was just hopin' yacalled

I was just hopin' ya called

To say that ya don’t have nothin' at all

I was just hopin' ya called

(Verse 2)

They try and try but can’t top ya

They think they come close but they fall

They see me out, give me offers

I don’t feel nothin' at all


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