WIZ KHALIFA - Call Again lyrics

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(Prod. by Easy Mo Bee)

Ft. Problem

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

Time and time again, I tell 'em I don't luv 'em I just fuck 'em

Then I move on to another one, pass 'em to my brother

Get that pussy under cover, got her ass from her mother

Got my weed straight from Berner, ya a nerd so ya cuff her

Alcoholic trust these bitches I learn they no sucker

On that gas like a trucker, smack the ass when I fuck her

I get plenty luv, it's all of the above

I'm on Gin and drugs, give me sum'

Then it's straight to the club, pockets feeling numb

Niggas luv tryna hate on us, they ain't real enough

Always feeling building up, young and I'm rich as fuck

Text yo bitch, I ain't tryna 'Netflix & Chill' with her

I'mma roll and drink, give her the best dick she eva had

She don't fuck then I'mma get her bestfriend instead of her

My cash is irregular, I bag bitches everywhere

Got sum' clothes still got on the tags that I don't neva wear

Ya on last smoking doing dabs I run through the cash

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)

They tryna argue [?]

Ya don't believe in what ya hear, it's all the same

Ya been here time to time, ya heard it all before

After I fuck ya once I'll neva call again

(Verse 2: Problem)

These bitches be like

Dick hopping, clique hopping for betta positions

Pillow talking to any nigga paying attention

They on a mission tryna fog up a players vision

Fuck then I'm finished, before ya leave bitch go clean that kitchen

I ain't gon' lie oh yeah the Chachi was a victim once

Before that happens again ya will catch me smoking blunts

And all I do is papers, all I'm bout is paper

Luv ya for the night, tomorrow we are strangers

Ya ain't gotta call cause I ain’t - pshh

Texting 'Can we kick it?' - no reply

Ya text again like I thought we had a connection (what, bitch?!)

I texted back 'Bitch I ain't that type of guy'

Gang over everythin', Taylor, Diamond Lane we the reconnected

Bombay, bomb big bitches betta then expected

Bossed up, fucking top so ya bet' not disrespect

It's Compton to the fucking burbs we connected

Hit the extras, hurp!


(Outro: Juicy J)

Play me sum' muthafuckin' pimpin', mane

Take anotha dab, blow the smoke out like it's hooka

Man's muhfuckin' 4 o'clock am, and nigga we still up in the studio, nigga

Drinkin' muthafuckin' gin

Smokin' so much muthafuckin' kush

Mr. Cap Mane, Mr. Cap, Cabin muthafuckin' 3 niggas

Get a job, bitch, Taylor Gang entertainment

Wiz Khalifa new album, nigga

Smokin' so much nigga we gettin' fucked up errday, nigga

We do this shit fo' fun, nigga

Chevy Woods, Taylor, DR Donatto, fear what they don't know

Berner, hip-hop

Ty Airplane mode, and free TC!

Go get that free TC!, nigga, it's on iTunes, nigga

Bitch, new Juicy J, TAC!

Comin' soon, nigga

And 100% Juice, so datpiff.com live mixtapes

Y'all know how we do this shit, nigga

We do this shit fo' fun, mane

New Project Pat comin' soon

Y'all know what it is

Tookey Carter, Flowers and Planes, nigga

High as fuck!

New mixtapes comin' soon, nigga

New pussy comin' soon, nigga

New money comin' soon, nigga

Fuck you lazy ass niggas out there, nigga

We hustlin', mane

We hustle errmuthafuckin' day, nigga

It's a cake walk, nigga

Ya hear me, nigga, I said a cake walk

Nigga, ya know what I'm sayn, mane?

We coughin' all day, nigga

From the muthafuckin' weed smoke, nigga

Pourin' that shit up

Sippin' gin, nigga

Pimpin' bitches, nigga

We bringin' that shit back, nigga

We pimpin' these muthafuckin' bitches, nigga

Winnin', nigga, the show, the party, the hoes, nigga

Y'all know what it is, nigga

The cash, nigga, the bags we pickin' up, nigga

You oughta see these muhfuckin' bags, mane

Shout out to Boo Will, Nasty Nate, OG Breeze

Nigga, we in this muthafucka, mane

Motor Mane, Loudy, Rickye P

Sledger, Drew, Miss Peachy, wassup

Y'all know what it is, nigga

We get high alllllllllllllllllllllllll muhfuckin' day

Fuck yo muhfuckin' problems, mane

Nobody don't give a shit about yo muhfuckin' prolems, dawg

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