rate me

(feat. Curren$y)

Uh, okay

Up early smokin’ and plottin’

Lookin’ at these lames, being thankful I’m not them

This year couple million out the game

Made me wondering now I got them

I got it from going hard, I always stay on my job

Wanna get high? You should come to my spot then.

And smoke with some heavyweight niggas

Jets, Taylor Gang nigga, losing’s not an option

Now I’m always on the road

And everywhere I go, people asking what I’m rocking

I tell em this is next year’s fresh, and this year’s best

And some shit you niggas not in

So quit copyin’

Yeah man

You niggas got it confused, trying to do what we do

That’s not the point

The point is for you to do you

It’s a beautiful thing

I’m in the regal, you in a rut

Stuck, can’t come up

Old jealous niggas hatin’ on us

Bitches is wishin’ you’d shut the f*ck up

I’m in the position, set my niggas up tough

What the f*ck, just jump

Continents I promise it

I could go from bucks to billions in a minute

Made a split second decision

Executed with precision

I feel attention when I walk in the room

Old cuddly ass niggas go to hidin’ they woman

Thinkin’ I’ma walk up to em, but I don’t do it

Baby girl know this big shit from the manure

I could help you shine like a jeweler

Candy paint make an old whip newer.

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