WIZ KHALIFA - Burn Sumthin

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Yeah. yall no what it is .

its anudda 1 of dose . yes !

Man its ya boy wiz khalifa man.lets do it . yo ! uhh

im kinda hot now money gettin longer too.

pressure by the cops now .&niqqas haten on ya do .

see i aint step on no toes to get here .

this hard work . young'n gotta flow. the shit's clear.

but i see jealousy in they face when they eye me.

love the lames want'n to trouble W-I-Z

doesnt surprise me that some would dispise me

so i dip through stick move like ali .

i chose wisely . some say im an old soul .

a broke load of a young niqqa who flows gold.

&life to live it them punches but still the oor road

&skys the limit .dig it . i brung the whole globe.

but still i made it back . the new face of rap.

E figured out tha flow was coke.

then we made it crack. not to hard to hard to pay attention & listen.

this for all my people. ghetto niqqas , women, &children.

-chorus: now pay attention what i kick in ya year.

youu might learn sumthn . brun sumthn.

im from where you worth nuffn .

unil you get out there &earn sumthn .

and we allergic to that term frontin'.

so if you get it legit look on the curb pumpin' .

burn somethin. we all strugglin'.

in some way we all hustlen' to take nothin' & make somethin . ya know .-

If its one thing i know well is how to get my grind on .

24/7 erfectin' to keep the rhymes strong.

stackin' my paper. waitin' to get my shine on .

hustlin' all day . wonderin' where the time gone.

im too quick on my feet. i aint gettin' to sleep.

rules to be made

lose'n weight . im forgettin to eat .

&some say im livin' too fast slow down .

tryna get my family plate big enouph to go 'round.

so i go hard . told y'all its goinq down .

a rap niqqa big enough to hold the town.

they wanna hold you down but gettin' them figures knew

it was comin' though .

i can see the picture. you niggas can steal the youg'n flow.

hater match the chips gettin' bigger comes with the territory

im just glad im able to tell my story.

to get to the top i learned from those there before me .

&when im on ima share my glory .


look into my eyes & tell me what you see

a prospect with his mind set on what to be.

alot of chronic smoke . yunq broad come puff wit me.

a attitude like y'all dudes cant fuck wit me.

still i stay humble .

focussed on my hustle.

later forgettin it but everything got doubled

& my team got bubbled.

anybody that seen our struggle got respect 'nah mean'

for the youngen' cards.

its more than just music. this more than death's music.

its hood then lets do it.

the birds best.

yes here in the flesh.

smart to do it. talkin ess. then lets prove it.

thats why my shit go hard. yours got less movement.

im on top of things. you busy droppin names

on file. no physics can stop the flame.

think of the lives. we can drop some change,

Lets do it .........

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