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(Prod. by Sledgren)


My mama ain't raise no fool nigga

Matter of fact, maybe she did

My mama raised a fool (haha)

But that don't mean we can't get rich

Too rich (too rich)

That's what they say


Humble beginnings

Rich ass endings

Pockets on swole

Big ass bingies

Started off losing

Man it wasn't choosing

Stuck with my nigga's

Now we all winning

Rolling up paper

Ball like a Laker

Top on the buildin'

I'm high as a 'scraper

What can I say now

Cops know my name now

No time to play round

I'm rich and I'm paid now

Stay on that piece for shit for nigga's that spray rounds

Hear all the talk, they gon' come see ya any day now

Try not to fade now

Try to find a way out

Nobodies innocent nigga

Get down or lay down

Made so much money but look how I'd paid out

Don't trust the bank no more so I went and got a safe in my house

Guess all these diamonds on my wrist

What u blinking about

It's all my money on my mind when I'm thinking about


Try to be the best that I can

They got the right decisions, handle it like a man

Ya know I try to do shit with my heart

They talk but I don't listen

I just finish what I start

Ya know I tried the nigga's that said I can't

They got the right decisions, handle business like a man

Ya know I try when people say I should change

Sometimes I'm done with tryin', I'm just tryna be the same

(Verse 2)

Nigga's still hatin'

Critics still weightin'

Said that I'd change my ways and start catchin' these cases

But never said I'd stop countin' these faces

Flying new places

Buyin' them cases

Nigga's want problems

I don't entertain it

Cause if it's real problems

It's not entertainment

I'm rolling a joint up

Precise like a painter

The grind is what made us (x2)

Now the nigga's that I grew up with looking richer

Too much turning up

The club owners tryna censor

Tatted everywhere my full body full of scriptures

Pull up in the phantom

Paparazzi taking pictures

Selling so much swag

We should be yo swag vender

Big winner in the club, big cash spender

Throwing signs to my man like he a damn pitcher

Some shit ya can't witness

My nigga we been business


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